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学术 Areas of Interest

澳门银银河官方手机版下载 is home to many highly ranked and nationally-recognized  学术项目  如  Journalism and Broadcasting教育工程业务 澳门银银河官方手机版下载的获奖作品 speech and debate team. 更多的 than 18,000 澳门银银河官方手机版下载 grace our campuses in Bowling Green,  格拉斯哥欧文斯伯勒  和 《澳门银银河官方手机版下载》 area. Learn about our academic areas of interest.





专业 & 项目 | 大学 & 部门 | 研究生院 |




澳门银银河官方手机版下载 is home to five academic colleges along with our Mahurin荣誉学院. 学术 学院包括 College of 教育 and Behavioral Sciences, Ogden College of Science & 工程, Potter College of 艺术s & 信, Gordon Ford College of 业务,以及 College of 健康 and Human Services.

Within these college, 澳门银银河官方手机版下载 offers more than 170 choices for 本科的地区 of study through majors, minors, associate degree programs, certificate programs, pre-professional study and areas of concentration within majors plus more than 125个研究生课程.

澳门银银河官方手机版下载的 研究生课程 provide outstanding learning experiences and are focused on the successes of our 澳门银银河官方手机版下载, both during their graduate studies 和reafter as alumni.

With many programs to choose from, 澳门银银河官方手机版下载 can learn on any of our regional locations. Classes are offered in Bowling Green, 格拉斯哥, 欧文斯伯勒, and 《澳门银银河官方手机版下载》.






的 柱廊的程序 is the general education program at 澳门银银河官方手机版下载. 柱廊球场 an integral part of the undergraduate curriculum that both complement and support the student's preparation in their specific field.  的se courses are required of 所有的专业.


Where learning fits your life. 澳门银银河官方手机版下载 offers many graduate and under研究生课程, several certificates and endorsements and more than 1,000 online courses each year!



访问 this page to see the academic calendars for the current school year, including dates for final exams, Summer Sessions and Winter Term.


访问 Topnet to view the 课程时间表 available for different terms. 搜索 by course, instructor, time of day, and campus. 





地区校园 | 荣誉学院 | 学者发展 | 研究 | 出国留学



澳门银银河官方手机版下载库 offer quiet study spaces, group collaboration, limitless resources, and librarians and staff to help 澳门银银河官方手机版下载 discover their own success. Expand your thinking using the resources at the Margie Helm & Raymond Cravens 库, Beulah Winchel 教育 Library, Library Special Collections, 澳门银银河官方手机版下载 Archives, and 格拉斯哥 Learning Commons. Plus, in 2021, the University will open the 澳门银银河官方手机版下载 Commons at Helm Library.

 的 Mahurin荣誉学院 at 澳门银银河官方手机版下载 is a leader in honors education for academically talented, creative, and high-achieving 澳门银银河官方手机版下载. 的y foster excellence in all forms of expression through research and experiential learning, critical thinking, active citizenship, and international engagement. At 同时, Office of 学者发展 helps 澳门银银河官方手机版下载 apply for nationally competitive scholarships by assisting 澳门银银河官方手机版下载 in finding opportunities to be engaged in their chosen fields beyond the classroom and aiding them in the process of finding the right programs, making important contacts, developing strong proposals, and revising numerous drafts.

研究办公室 & 创造性活动 provides support for the research, service, creative, and scholarly endeavors of our faculty, staff, and 澳门银银河官方手机版下载. 的 staff partners with the university community to increase external support for these activities, while ensuring compliance with federal, state, and institutional regulations.

Office of 出国留学 and Global Learning (SAGL) serves the 澳门银银河官方手机版下载 community by engaging 澳门银银河官方手机版下载, faculty, and staff in diverse, educational, and cultural experiences through faculty-led, exchange, consortia, and other study 国外的机会.



大学 & 部门


College of 教育 and Behavioral Sciences
  • Counseling and Student Affairs
  • School of Leadership and Professional Studies
  • 军事科学
  • 心理学
  • School of Professional Studies
  • School of Teacher 教育 


College of 健康 and Human Services
  • Applied Human Sciences
  • 沟通 Sciences and Disorders
  • Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport
  • School of Nursing and Allied 健康
  • 物理治疗
  • 公共卫生
  • 社会工作


Gordon Ford College of 业务
  • 会计
  • 经济学
  • 金融
  • 信息系统
  • 管理
  • 市场营销
  • 工商管理硕士




Ogden College of Science & 工程
  • 农业
  • 生物学
  • 化学
  • 地理与地质
  • 数学
  • 物理与天文
  • 心理科学
  • School of 工程 and Applied Sciences


Potter College of 艺术s & 信
  • 艺术 & 设计
  • 沟通
  • 英语
  • 民间研究 & 人类学
  • 历史
  • 现代语言
  • 音乐
  • 政治科学
  • 社会学 & 犯罪学
  • 剧院 & 跳舞
  • 传媒学院


  • Office of 学者发展


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